Permanent exhibition - ESPACE PIERRE FAREL CREATIONS - AJACCIO 20000 - 1 rue de la barrière - Corsica - France - PARIS - GALERIE DE MEDICIS - 18 Place des Vosges

A former student of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Avignon, Pierre arrived in Corsica in 1977 at the age of 20. He would never again leave the Island, from where his maternal ancestors originate.

His studio workshop in Ajaccio was established in 1988 together with his own gallery, Espace Farel Créations, opened in 2005 where he presents his paintings, lithographs and various creations.

ART (Private collection)
Sunset Dream
Oil on canvas 80x80 - Private collection
Talons Aiguilles
Oil on canvas 116x81
Private collection
Les Baigneuses
Oil on canvas 100x100 - Private collection
Black Swan
Oil on canvsa 116x89 - Private collection
Madison Taxis
Oil on canvas 146x114 - Private collection
Ballade Rive Gauche
Oil on canvas 130x97 - Private collection
Ti Tengu Cara
Oil on canvas 116x89 - Private collection
Pause Empire
Oil on canvas 100x100 - Private collection
EXHIBITION (Available on sale)
Byblos Dream
Oil on canvas 116x89
Etage Blues
Oil on canvas 100x81
Black trio for red music
Oil on canvas - 92x73cm
The Initials BB
Oil on canvas 92x73
Rendez vous paillotte
Oil on canvas 92x73cm
Les vendangeurs du crepuscule
Oil on canvas 162x130cm
Quai du Port
Oil on canvas 116x89
La Balade Mythique (VENDUE)
Oil on canvas 130x97cm
Pierre Farel’s first exhibitor was Pierre Cardin who allowed him to display at the Espace Cardin in 1989, after purchasing a canvas at the Grand Prix for young French painters at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris.
He subsequently exhibited in numerous galleries throughout France and regularly in London and Beirut, as well as Brussels, Berlin, Hamburg, Lausanne, Barcelona, Beijing, New-York, Hong-Kong, Shanghai, Miami ...
In 2001, during an exhibition in New York, he met Richard Elmir, Director of the Medici Gallery in Paris, who invited him to join the artists of his gallery, as such Pierre has exhibited his work at the Place des Vosges gallery every year since 2002.
To date, he has created more than 2000 paintings and oils on paper, around thirty lithographs, and 4 sculptures. Several of his canvases have been published as reproductions and sold over a million copies worldwide. He has also created many derivative products in connection with the world of fashion.
During the lockdown, he painted an oil on paper « Merci », now currently part of a travelling exhibition in Portugal uniting several selected artists.
3000 print copies were made of this painting and have since been offered in thanks to all the staff of the 3 hospitals in Ajaccio. Futhermore, it was also chosen as the front cover of the magazine « Univers des Arts » summer 2020 special edition.
Pierre celebrated his 30 years of painting in 2018.

« Over the course of numerous events and exhibitions both in France and around the world, the theme of his works takes the form of his favorite creed: Women, women, women.
Welcome to trendy evenings and let yourself be carried away by the sound of guitars, violins, saxos… »
Jean Louis Avril. Journalist (Univers des arts)

« Fascinated by the teeming, musical, city night life, the artist’s constructive logic has spread thoughout the world… numerous venues have hosted his exhibitions. There is something familiar about his paintings, as if they had been taken from our own personal memories… »
Canoline Critiks. Journalist, art critic (Les Echos, Liberation, Espace Art's Magazine…)

« Your eye will make fingers snap and shoe-soles beat, as you wish, it is your ear that will be jealous ! Farel’s paintings are to be viewed and listened to in silence. »
Maurice Achard. Journalist (Le Parisien)


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Interview 2009

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Photographs of paintings by Erick Larrieu
Photographs by Sylvie Ghislain Léandri